April 14, 2021




Thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

We are commited to the continued health and safety of our staff and community.


Anyone who enters the store is required to wear a face mask or some kind of covering over the mouth and nose.

Returns cannot be accepted for items taken outside of the store

Only reusable glass milk bottles can be accepted for bottle refunds

Although we value waste reduction we ask customers to not bring any containers for any items in the store. You may bring your own shopping bags.

*You CAN bring your own shopping bags.
*You CAN bring your own containers for Cosmetic/Body Care products

We offer boxes when available at no charge.

We are serving hot soup and hot food items from the deli counter
and we have increased our grab and go options.  

The bulk section is roped off to the public.
Employees are available to assist customers who queue in line

We are taking extra measures to clean and sanitize throughout the store all day and night.

All carts and baskets are cleaned between uses.

We will continue to offer sanitizing wipes at the entry as long as they are available

We are wrapping all of our house-made bakery products individually

Checkstand area is cleaned and sanitized regularly.

We have reduced the number of check-out lanes open at a time and installed floor graphics delineating 6 feet to allow customers to keep an appropriate distance during checkout.  

Our checkout stands have plexiglass between customers and cashiers.

We provide gloves for all of our employees.
We provide and require face masks for employees.
We limit the number of customers in the store, and have instated a one in-one out policy as needed.
We have clear markings delineating 6 feet on our covered patio so customers can keep a safe distance while waiting in line - rain or shine!

Our managers and buyers are working tirelessly to source product, review procedures for cleaning and contamination reduction, refocus staff across departments as needed to clean, stock, and bag orders.

We have online ordering for no contact pick-up and delivery

We continue to monitor developments, the actions of our peers, and the direction of local, state, and federal officials and make adjustments as best we can in order to ensure the safety of our staff and the community.


FAQ *** Covid-19 Edition ***
We have been receiving a lot of phone calls.

You have a lot of questions.
Here are some answers.

Online ordering/curbside pickup?
Yes we have online ordering with no contact pick-up and delivery options.

Can I bring my bags?
Yes you can bring grocery bags but please no bulk/produce bags, jars, baskets, or any other packaging from home into the store.

Do you accept cash?
Yes, for now.

When is the best time to come shop?
There is no specific answer as things are always changing. We keep a reasonable flow of people in the store at one time. There is a line with 6’ space marked outside to help shoppers keep safe distance while waiting.

Yeah, well your lines are too long!
We limit the amount of people in the store to protect both customers and employees, so we need to line people up outside. Thanks for your understanding.

When do you receive your stock?
As a local independent natural food store we work with multiple distributors and receive deliveries 7 days a week. These days we have stockers working to fill shelves most of the day.

Is your bulk section open?
Yes, although it is not self-serve. We have employees available all day to serve you items from the entire bulk section.

Do you have -insert item name here- in stock?
We apologize but we cannot answer these requests by phone at this time.
Please email any product requests by using the CONTACT US tab at the top of your screen and we will do our best to get back to you in a timely manner.

But I’m -insert age, distance from store, and/or ailment here- so I need you to check!!!???
We know it is not convenient. We do not like having to say no. Everyone has been affected by this in one way or another and a large portion of our shoppers are seniors and/or otherwise high risk.
In order to clean, stock, and serve in a safe and efficient manner we cannot take employees off the floor to answer these questions. We are doing our best to limit the number of employees sharing phones on the sales floor.

Thanks for your continued understanding and cooperation.
We are commited to the continued health and safety of our staff and community.