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"Sushi" - did you immediately conjure up images of raw fish? In America, there is a popular misconception that sushi equals raw fish. Although some sushi combinations use raw fish, there are many others that use an array of other ingredients ranging from cooked fish to vegetables. In fact, the word "sushi" is really the marriage of vinegar and rice used in all sushi, where "su" refers to vinegar in Japanese, and "shi" to an abbreviated form of a colloquial term used for cooked rice.

Now let us welcome you into a world of sushi! Preparing the sushi also becomes an artful craft in the hands of our specially trained sushi chefs. Using fresh and high quality ingredients, they create your sushi into elegant packages so you can feast in both the taste and form. The harmonic blend of great taste and nutritional values make sushi an appealing choice for a meal or snack. With a clean, light taste that doesn't sit heavy in the stomach, sushi is high in protein and low in fat and sodium. Try our famous California rolls, or vegetable combinations, if the raw fish makes you queasy! So we welcome you to come into the Staff of Life and enjoy these fast and convenient meals that are both healthy and affordable.

Feeling adventurous? We have all you will need to make Sushi at home.  You can pick up Nori, Sushi Rice, Rice Vinegar, a Sushi Rolling Mat, Sashimi Grade Ahi, prepared Unagi, wasabi, soy sauce, your favorite vegetables of choice - and don't forget the Sake !


Sunrise Platter (20 pcs) | $19.45

Sunset Platter (23 pcs) | $23.10

Sunshine Platter (25 pcs) | $11.55

Shooting Star Party Tray (46 pcs) | $26.25

Moonlight Party Tray (34 pcs) | $28.35

Sunny Delight Party Tray (48 pcs) | $40.95

Starlight Party Tray (52 pcs) | $48.30

Spring Garden Tray | $12.99

Indulge yourself with our custom sushi orders and fun party trays, create the ultimate tray of your choice.

To avoid delay, please give our chef advance notice.

Take some fun along!

AFC Sushi Is Prepared Daily!!

(Starter's favorites)

Snack Pack | $3.80
Two rolls, choose from : Cucumber, Avocado, Carrot


California Roll | $5.50

Orange Roll | $6.50


Vegetable Combo (9 pcs) | $5.20

Fullmoon Combo | $5.50

AFC sushi is prepared FRESH DAILY with the highest quality ingredients traditionally found only at the finest preeminent sushi locations.

Our original menu provides a diverse selection of convenient ready-to-go packages, making it especially well-suited for customers on a tight schedule.

We use both premium short grain sushi rice and organic brown rice.


M & M | $4.65
Choose one fish and one vegetable:
Carrot, Cucumber, Avocado, Tuna Salmon, Shrimp

(Hot & Spicy)

Spicy Roll | $5.80
Choose from one below:
Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp

(Traditional Japanese favorites)

Meteor Special | $7.30

Marinna Plate | $7.95

Rainbow Roll | $9.65


Green Salad Roll |$4.95

Tofu Roll | $4.95

Grilled Salmon | $5.50

Tuna Roll | $5.40

Blue Crab Roll | $7.95

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