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Movin On Up - Part 10

Movin On Up - Part 10

More and more customers ask, "When is the new Staff gonna be open?" Everyone's feeling the excitement. We are still in line for a February opening. We plan to get the word out in the new year.

For now, it's construction, construction, construction!


Still more sheet-rocking going on. Wires are getting pulled through the walls. On Monday, refrigeration equipment starts rolling in, and you'll be able to see them being assembled to outer parts of the building.


We'll start this 10th edition of Moving On Up with a look at the back wall -

They are prepared to start paving the back section this week. The outside of the offices have been stuccoed. Also this week the refrigeration coolers should be in place.

Inside the building, it's a little messy, but they are ready for the Dairy Cooler to be installed.

The picture above shows the location of the future awning. Next month, the whole space will be covered. Under the awning you will be able to get your coffee, tea, juice, or smoothie and a pastry before starting your day. While you're there, grab some flowers, or fresh produce. Then have a seat at the community table and catch up with some friends before you use the air pump to fill your bikes tires !

And for the conclusion this time around, here's an updated look at the Vitamin Department.

Stay Tuned ! ! !